interventional cardiology
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Micell's technology is designed to enable stable, controlled-release delivery of 'limus drugs (e.g. sirolimus, also known as rapamycin) and provides targeted pharmacokinetic profiles to optimize local dosing and healing.

Micell's platform technology enables a portfolio of proprietary and advanced devices for multiple indications. In summary, Micell's technology platform has been designed to make clinically meaningful improvements in patient outcomes:

Composition controlled and completely absorbed for local therapy More consistent tissue response

No liability of long-term polymer exposure
Linear pharmacokinetic profile of the drug concurrent with the absorption of a bioabsorbable polymer Optimize healing and safety
Drug is maintained in a crystalline morphology; enabled by Micell's novel process and formulation technology Ensure stability and sustained potency of the drug both on the shelf and in vivo
Caution: The MiStent SES has received CE marking but is not approved in the USA or any other countries. Any other products described on this website are investigational devices that are not available for sale in any country.
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