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Drug-Coated Balloon

Micell is developing a novel drug-coated balloon (DCB) to deliver sirolimus to the artery wall at the site of a percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) and/or stent implantation for peripheral and coronary indications. Micell's DCB consists of a proprietary fully-absorbable coating that targets prolonged delivery of a therapeutic dose of sirolimus for several weeks after a simple balloon catheter inflation at a target site. Sirolimus has been chosen for this device due to its demonstrated effectiveness as an anti-restenotic in vascular interventions as well as its broad therapeutic window - properties which may reduce risks or complications inherent with other drug-balloon combinations.

Micell's drug-coated balloon may be applicable in coronary and peripheral artery indications as well as other device-based drug delivery applications.

Caution: The MiStent SES has received CE marking but is not approved in the USA or any other countries. Any other products described on this website are investigational devices that are not available for sale in any country.
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