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The MiStent® SES is a CE marked drug-eluting stent that has been designed to optimize healing. The Company's rapid-absorbing drug/polymer formulation is intended to precisely and consistently control drug elution and the duration of polymer exposure. As a result, the MiStent SES is intended to deliver a precise therapeutic solution for coronary artery disease with the potential to avoid the long-term safety concerns associated with current drug-eluting stents integrating durable polymers.

Using an approved drug (sirolimus, also known as rapamycin) and a bioabsorbable polymer (PLGA), Micell's patented supercritical fluid technology allows a carefully controlled drug/polymer coating to be applied to a bare metal stent. Micell is leveraging the strengths of EuroCor's Genius MAGICŪ Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System, a state-of-the-art CE marked bare metal stent, shown to demonstrate excellent deliverability, conformability and flexibility. In GLP pre-clinical trials, the coating is eliminated from the stent in 45 to 60 days in vivo, resulting in a bare metal stent*.

* Based on animal data. Clinical significance in humans is unknown.

Caution: The MiStent SES has received CE marking but is not approved in the USA or any other countries. Any other products described on this website are investigational devices that are not available for sale in any country.
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