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Health Economics

Lower TLR rates can have a significant impact on reducing cost to the healthcare system.  A 50 percent reduction in TLR would translate into meaningful savings for hospitals, insurers and patients.

Cost Impact of TLR Reduction

  • Average Medicare, in-patient hospital reimbursement for percutaneous vascularization with a DES*

    $11,800 without complications (Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) 246)

    $18,500 with complications (DRG 247)

  • There were a total of 132,890* in-patient Medicare vascularization procedures in 2012 for a cost impact of about $1.8B.

    This does not include out-patient Medicare, Medicaid or private insurers

  • The TLR rate for DES at five years is generally at least two times the one-year TLR rate.
  • Even relatively small reductions in late TLR will have significant cost impact.

*Traditional Medicare, Hospital In-patient Final, FY 2014, Federal Register