Transforming medical devices for improved patient outcomes

Product Pipeline

Micell’s proprietary supercritical fluid process has potential applications in areas beyond coronary stents. While the primary therapeutic agent for these products is crystalline sirolimus, additional therapeutic agents are also being evaluated for use with Micell’s unique drug delivery systems in future generation products.

Bioresorbable Scaffold (BRS) – A fully resorbable scaffold with the capability to over-expand/post-dilate while providing excellent drug delivery (akin to MiStent SES).
Drug-Coated Balloon (DCB) – A sirolimus-based, novel-composition, consistently-coated drug balloon designed to achieve rapid transfer of antiproliferative drugs to the arterial wall without the requirement of an implanted drug delivery system. prod2-new
Peripheral Drug-Eluting Stent – Uniquely designed, sirolimus-based, self-expanding stent to treat lower extremity disease.
Advanced Membrane – Potential therapeutic benefit to membrane-based devices (e.g., vascular grafts, closure devices, stent-grafts).