Transforming medical devices for improved patient outcomes

As interventional techniques have evolved, so has the need for advancing medical devices—devices with greater efficacy and enhanced safety profiles that provide better clinical outcomes. Since 2006, Micell has teamed with world renowned medical and scientific innovators to realize our singular vision: to lead in the development of advanced vascular medical devices with innovative drug delivery systems. As a result, we are perfecting our technology to deliver a best-in-class coronary stent system, MiStent SES. Our patented drug application methodology is the force behind the success of this system.

Smooth, Uniform Coating
Micell employs a supercritical fluid technology developed in conjunction with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory managed by Battelle Memorial Institute. This solvent-free technology, used in applying the polymer component to the stent platform, preserves the crystalline integrity of the drug during the coating process. Fusing the polymer, applied using supercritical fluid technology, and the dry crystalline form of the drug, creates a smooth, uniform, well-adhered coating on the stent.


Unique Advantages
Micell’s coating technology provides unique advantages for the modification and coating of biomedical surfaces with advanced polymers and drugs. Compared to current solvent-based coating processes, Micell’s technology is:

  • Solvent Free: Polymers, drugs and medical devices are not exposed to conventional liquid solvents that could alter the chemistry of the drug or trigger an inflammatory response in the body;
  • Preserving: Moderate temperatures are used to maintain the structure and morphology of therapeutic agents, which allows for the use of therapeutic agents that may be sensitive to elevated temperatures or traditional solvent processes;
  • Adaptable: By combining electrostatic attraction with supercritical fluids, surface modifications for a broad range of medical devices using a variety of polymers and drugs can be achieved.

Multiple Applications
Micell’s supercritical fluid technology platform has the potential to provide control over drug morphology and the ability to apply multiple therapeutic agents in single or multiple layers to achieve tailored therapeutics allowing the potential for a variety of innovative product applications within the interventional healthcare space.